With a change in lifestyle in the region came an exponential growth in incidence of diabetes. It was necessary to establish a specialized diabetes care unit, which was achieved in 1981. This was an independent unit servicing all patients in Amiri Hospital, including pre-operative and post-operative management of blood sugar. This unit expanded to care for more complex cases, consisting of 8 beds serviced by a medical team of endocrinologists and nurses.

Continuing research and understanding of diabetes prompted the integration of different subspecialties, including the introduction of ophthalmologists and fundus examination in 1986, diabetic foot care in 1989 and the integration of clinical nutritionists and physical rehabilitation.

As part of our continuing commitment to improving research, awareness and care of this complex disease, it was decided to hold an annual event providing up to date information, and In 2013 the Inaugural Amiri Diabetes Conference took place.